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This is a book about post-traumatic stress and abuse, ongoing recovery from those things, and a program to help military and first responders with those issues.

It is a true story of life on the edge, redemption, transforming tragedy into strength, and being in service to humanity.

What readers are saying:

"I’m truly enjoying the powerful words that you so bravely chose to share with the world. I finished part one and can’t wait to finish this page-turner!"  --JS Colorado

"Unwinding takes us on a quick and yet personal journey into the author’s experience with Trauma. Glenn’s devotion to the well-being of both humans and horses comes through in this worthwhile read."

Melisa Pearce, Founder of Touched by a Horse Inc. and author of What in the Heck is Gestalt


Digital Meditation Cards

These cards were created with original art and love by Glenn Weissel. They beckon you to a collaboration with what wants to be seen and experienced in your mind.

One hundred cards for your meditation journeys.

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