Connect. Discover. Breakout.

At Harmony’s Heart Coaching™ we know that answers to your life's toughest moments are within you. 

Our coaching success is based on a relationship with each of our clients. A relationship that is built on trust that we have to earn every time we step into the arena. 

Coaching is personal.

Coaching creates an empowered relationship for change and is unique for each client we support.




Embracing the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method® our horses are active partners during your coaching sessions.

Together we help you resolve fears and traumas that hold you back from living a fulfilling and illuminating life.

Collectively we support your journey.


Who am I?

What is my purpose?

Why is my life so difficult?

What am I doing here?

So many questions that go unanswered. Isn't it time to dig in, learn who you are, and what you are here to do?

Illuminate yourself during your journey.


You are ready to leave your old life and troubles behind. Why not do it in a BIG way and celebrate your beautiful self? 

Tony Robbins said it best: 

"The only impossible journey is the one you never begin." 


May I become at all times, both now and forever, A protector for those without protection, A guide for those who have lost their way, A ship for those with oceans to cross, A sanctuary for those in danger, A lamp for those in darkness, And a servant to all those in need.  -Shantideva

Are You Ready?

Many people never take action to Connect and Discover what is possible for their lives. Are you ready to BREAKOUT and set yourself free?


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