Who is this Major Domo character anyway and what the actual blast does he do besides giving 5,278 orders a day?

A majordomo is a person who speaks, makes arrangements, or takes charge for another. Typically, this is the highest person of a household staff, a head servant who acts on behalf of the owner of a large or significant residence.

And, why oh lord, are we giving you all this brain fodder anyway? 

Would you come to a success stories page to read about other people’s happiness with their shiny new faaaabulous, fabulous, faulous lives now that they have their sh*t together? 

We wouldn’t either. 

But, now you’re here, read on and be inspired for yourself and your life.


Coaching Success Stories

Ashara is an incredible coach

I felt safe and secure in sharing my story, knowing that she held it gently and in confidence. She and her horse partners are patient and supportive, encouraging me to find my own voice and express my Truth. Each horse partner had their own way of interacting with me but they offered me love and acceptance. I am in deep gratitude for the healing space they, Ashara, LiLi, and Wilma offered me.

Vicki J.  Missouri

Beautiful Surrender

Glenn's kindness and insight guided me through a dark and scary place filled with demons from my past. His gentle, caring manner helped give me the courage to look at some issues that have been holding me back. Thank you, Glenn.

Jocelyn H. Alberta, Canada

Wakeful Participation

I would also like to thank you for your presence at Saturday's event. It was so special in so many ways and I feel fortunate to have gotten to know each of you.

Special thanks to Ashara, Glenn, and the horse and dog family! Not just for the hospitality but for the artful way you managed to bring everyone into 'wakeful' participation.
Here was a lesson in 'leadership' I didn't expect!

Marry L. Colorado

A Rare Man

In today's society, Glenn is a rare man filled with a wonderful heart and still maintaining a clear purpose. In an open honest manner, he creates a deep instant sacred space. He is like a great wilderness guide leading you through a tough section of trail.

Jessica C. Nevada

Safety and Support

Glenn has a quiet strength that comes through to create a place of safety and support for his clients in the EGC Method. I admire his gentleness as he guides people to their truth and self-awareness.

Lauren M. Colorado

Huge Outlet!

Thank you for the visit and the session. What a huge outlet for my niece!  She talked all the way home and shared more about her feelings and family dynamics.  The horses have been a huge part of our dinner conversation and she admitted to my husband and daughter that she cried.   

CE, Colorado

Sweet & Safe Space

Ashara loves and gives to her clients so deeply that they can't help but speak their truth in a sweet and safe space. Too often we aren't heard, but with Ashara you will be heard without judgment.

Lorrin M, Washington

I Trust Her So Completely

In Ashara's skillful experience as a compassionate coach, I was finally able to tell her my most shameful secret that I had never told anyone. I trust her so completely. She allowed me to release shame from my body and had the other group members fully support my body as I leaned/fell back into their arms. I never imagined that someone could ever get me to talk about these secrets fears until Ashara's group. Thank you for allowing me to know the feeling of loving support instead of fear and shame.

Heather W. New York

Deep and Compassionate Coach

Ashara, your depth, and compassion as a coach are powerful. I feel blessed to work with you and your work inspires me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Annette P, Colorado

A Lifeline During COVID

“I have loved every one of the 10-Minute Touchpoints.  During the lockdown, they were like a lifeline to me.  The topics you selected were always spot on to what my soul was needing. Your reflection questions provided me with opportunities to stretch beyond the confines of my usual thoughts. I feel like I actually grew instead of becoming stagnant during that stressful time period. 
You provided an incredibly supportive “sacred space” for an incredibly stressful period of time, and I am so grateful to you both.  You helped me make it through and gave me so many awesome ideas to reflect on and incorporate into my life going forward! 

JW, Tennessee  

 So Grateful For The Experience!

As I was organizing my office tonight, I came across the letter I wrote to myself when at your ranch….I can’t believe it was nearly 6 months ago (5/24). I am amazed at how clear I was then and when I re-read it tonight it was as if I was speaking to myself in the future, where I am now….

I am SO grateful for that experience, I will always treasure it! Thank You and Glenn and those magical Horses!

S.C., Arizona

A Present & Intuitive Coach

As a coach, Glenn is present, intuitive, and I felt completely safe and understood. His approach is direct yet kind, and he guided me to a new awareness that was a big missing piece until today. I'm moving forward with renewed clarity and peace! If you're searching or feel stuck in any area of life, I highly recommend Glenn!

Bethany P. Colorado

A Patient Guide To Truth

I thought I had an issue around money but Glenn patiently guided me through excavating my truth. Knowing this, I have the relief of clarity, and being clear on what is driving my action will help me make better choices. And, the money will follow. I appreciate Glenn's patience and his insightful questions as he held a space of belief in me and support for me.

Lorrin M, Wahington

A Firm and Gentle Coach

Ashara firmly but gently guided me through a coaching session that helped me identify different parts of myself that were contributing to my stuckness. Through this, she helped me gain insights and awareness that will help me move forward into a more joyful, expansive future. Thank you!

Lorrin M, Washington

YES! I'm Ready - Help Me Know Myself!

Animal Communication Success Stories

Resurrection Kitty (an Easter happy ending)

Sebastian was found this afternoon under the shed and prompted out by treats!  Yes, “holed up somewhere keeping warm.”  You were right, and your insight brought some comfort to his “mother” as she had slept last night without him.  He was gone 3 days and appeared today—a kitty resurrection story.

J.O. New Jersey

Grief and Loss

Our aging dog passed quite suddenly and unexpectedly just before the holidays.   A few days later Ashara assisted with several unresolved issues that I couldn’t make sense of due to the wall of grief.

With Ashara’s guidance and her connection to our dog, my grief was greatly lightened.  Ashara provides beautiful support services that enhance the relationship between you and your pet.  It helps so much to get your beloved pet's perspective.  Sometimes when we are emotionally involved, we don’t always get a clear picture. 

I highly recommend Ashara’s gift of animal communication to anyone, and especially to those facing or trying to resolve tough circumstances.

P.K. Colorado 

From Attack Cat to Team Player

After seven years together, my younger cat Sophia started attacking my older cat Mittens, much to my surprise. This only happened at night when I was in bed. Sophia would lay on my body and when Mittens came in to take her place next to my head, Sophia would launch. I called Ashara for insight. 

Through her clear communication with Sophia I learned that Sophia was "coming into her own" as a healer and felt threatened by Mitten's presence. She wanted to do her healing "by myself!" 

Ashara's insights and guidance gave me the words with which to address this with my girls. I spoke with them about boundaries and how we could work together as a team.  After a few more nights of tension, Sophia settled down and there have been no attacks since! 

Thanks, Ashara, you rock at what you do!


DS Boulder, Colorado

Clearest Channel I’ve Trained

Ashara ... has become one of the clearest channels I have ever trained.  When I feel the need to have greater clarity about my own kids, Ashara is the one I call.

Joy Turner, Talk With Your Animals

No More Issues

Thank you so much, we are all doing great. Kai hasn't had any issues since you talked with him and me. Ashara, thank you for what you have done for us. Grateful Universe guided me to you.

D.G. Pennsylvania

Kernel is Calm

I wanted to let you know that since we talked, I took your advice and explained to Kernel what was going on as well as prayed/smudged with sage (I pretty much do this daily now).

Since then, Kernel has been a different dog...back to his calm self.  He no longer panics when I leave or destroys things. I’m paying more attention to both him and Kobe and am just more mindful in general.

Thank you so much for your assistance.

RJ, Colorado

Animal Communication is REAL!!!

Ashara Morris , I cannot thank you enough for your animal communication session with Sunny ... and the rest of the herd as they chimed in .... it was so incredibly helpful in this whole process.  It allowed my heart to be full of possibilities and potential ~ for all of us !!  Animal Communication is REAL !!!

Annette P, Colorado

Yes, I Am Ready For Help With My Animal(s)!