The Enlightened Squirrel Healing Arts Center

Hold on to your acorns!

A new program coming soon.

Stay Tuned!

The Enlightened Squirrel is not a location on a map or destination (although it could be).

The Enlightened Squirrel is a state of Mind and a state of Being. It is connection and belonging with a community of squirrely nuts like you and us.

Fun Factz

A gray squirrel can bury upwards of 25 nuts in a half-hour. Each squirrel maintains about 1,000 caches at a time and stores about 10,000 seeds and nuts a year. While it is popularly believed that squirrels recover all of the seeds they bury, in truth they don't.
What the actual squirrel pellets is that about?

Get Your Squirrel On!

Is your mind skittering like a squirrel on a scorching hot linoleum floor? If your life is saying, "This ain't it, chief" get your ass into gear 'cuz it don't get better with time.

The Shadow-Tailed Esquirel


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