The Enlightened Squirrel Healing Arts Community

Hold on to your acorns!

A new program coming soon.

Stay Tuned!

The Enlightened Squirrel is not a location on a map or destination (although it could be).

The Enlightened Squirrel is a state of Mind and a state of Being. It is connection and belonging with a community of squirrely nuts like you and us.

Fun Factz

A gray squirrel can bury upwards of 25 nuts in a half-hour. Each squirrel maintains about 1,000 caches at a time and stores about 10,000 seeds and nuts a year. While it is popularly believed that squirrels recover all of the seeds they bury, in truth they don't.
What the actual f*ck is that about?

The Shadow-Tailed Esquirel


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