The Enlightened Squirrel Healing Arts Center

Hold on to your acorns!

The Art Therapy Program is Live

We added a program for teens and adults to express their emotions, laughter, tears, whatever wants to come out in a safe and fun environment.

Painting, drawing, splashing, molding clay, and other fun squirrely things is an incredible and indelible way to spark creativity while shining a light in the dark recesses of our hearts and minds.


Scroll down to see the Enso and why it is part of our branding. 


The Enlightened Squirrel is not a location on a map or destination (although it could be).

The Enlightened Squirrel is a state of Mind and a state of Being. It is connection and belonging with a community of squirrely nuts like us.


Fun Squirrely Factz

A gray squirrel can bury upwards of 25 nuts in a half-hour. Each squirrel maintains about 1,000 caches at a time and stores about 10,000 seeds and nuts a year. While it is popularly believed that squirrels recover all of the seeds they bury, in truth they don't.
What the actual squirrel pellets is that about?


The word, enso, means “circle” or “circular form” and often translates to “Zen circle” in English. This drawn symbol commonly comes to represent enlightenment, limitless strength, the universe, or mu (the void or no-thing). When drawing the symbol, the stroke is personal to the artist. We explore personal awakening (enlightenment) in your sessions. The Enso is an expression of your enlightenment.

Get Your Squirrel On!

Is your mind skittering around like a squirrel on a hot linoleum floor? If your life is saying, "This ain't it, chief" get your ass into gear 'cuz it won't get better with time.

The Shadow-Tailed Esquirel


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